Types of Wild Grass that Have Various Benefits

Weeds can also be called plants that grow in unwanted areas of parks, gardens or around the house. For this reason, weeds are often thrown away and trimmed because they can harm other plants and disturb the beauty of the garden and home area accoirding to sharplawnky.net.

1. Princess Shame

One type of wild grass, which has the Latin name Mimosa pudica, turns out to have various benefits for human health. It is believed that Putri Malu can be useful for curing coughs, colds and insomnia. Honda friends can boil it and drink the boiled water.

The embarrassed princess has thorns on its stems, so if it grows uncontrollably in parks, gardens or home areas, it should be thrown away or trimmed using a lawn mower. If Honda friends only clean it using their hands, they risk getting thorns.

It is best to go for a Honda lawn mower that offers great performance with its exclusive twin blade feature. The double knife provides the best cutting results, even the growing mollusk can be cut into smaller pieces and does not disturb the growing space of other plants.

2. Earrings

This type of wild grass, which is like a string of green pearls, is often found in damp soil areas and could grow in Honda’s friend’s home garden. Honda friends can use earrings as a traditional medicine to treat bleeding in wounds, treat itching, and treat bloody coughs. Not only that, earrings can also be used as herbal medicine because they have antioxidant properties and are effective in treating bleeding and helping speed up wound healing.

If you let them grow like that, the earrings will get bigger and disturb the beauty of Honda’s friend’s home garden. To be more efficient when cleaning it, use Honda’s LAWNMOWER – HRJ196 push lawn mower.

This lawn mower is equipped with a Honda GXV160 engine, so it is easy to use and start. It is also equipped with brakes for Honda friends’ safety when using it.

3. Spinach Spinach

This type of spinach wild grass usually grows in fields and will disturb the plant’s growing space if left unchecked. Thorn spinach does provide several benefits or properties for body health, such as treating boils, hemorrhoids, eczema, treating burns, and improving breast milk.

When Honda friends want to cut it, make sure you use a lawn mower so you don’t get hit by the thorns of the wild grass. Honda friends can use a Honda carry lawn mower which has 2 sharp cutter blades which provide maximum cutting results.

4. Weeds

Weeds or also known as alang-alang are often considered weeds, especially on agricultural land. Even though it is often considered a weed, it turns out that weeds provide several benefits and properties for body health.

The part of the plant used as medicine is the root, which is white and segmented. Usually used to treat heartburn, canker sores, relieve urine, and treat fever.

If weeds grow uncontrollably on agricultural land, it is best to just cut them. Honda friends can use a Honda grass cutting machine to cut it, considering that the weeds grow quite high and agricultural land also tends to be uneven.

There is a Brushcutter lawn mower – UMR435N from Honda which is capable of operating at a full 360 degree tilt with 2 cutter blades. Equipped with a frame pipe which makes this lawn mower more flexible and can reduce vibration, offers high durability and maximum torque strength.

5. Pearl Grass

Types of wild grass such as pearl grass often grow in cracks in concrete or cement layers. It could be that this grass grows in the front yard of Honda’s friend’s house. Pearl grass provides many health benefits, especially for treating internal diseases such as stopping cancer cell division. It can also be used to treat external diseases such as infected wounds.

However, if you continue to leave it, it can disturb the beauty of your Honda friend’s yard. Pearl grass grows vines and is quite short, so Honda Friends need a push lawn mower to clean it.

Use a Honda push lawn mower equipped with a bag for storing grass clippings. So, Honda friends save more time and energy because they don’t need to collect the pearl grass that has been cut.

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