Here we will discuss about 5 Examples Of Technology Which Has Made Us Lazy. Read the article till end to know which are the 5 Examples Of Technology Which Has Made Us Lazy.

We know today is a technology world. Every where new technologies are developed day by day. In every field technology helps us but also some cons are there which we don’t know. Technology helps us in most of the places but there is some cons also there which making us lazy.

Technology Which Has Made Us Lazy

1. A huge amount of entertainment without leaving the sofa

There are many technologies are clickbet88 slot there which gives us huge entertainments without leaving the sofa. For example : Television, Cell phone, video games, etc. We don’t need to move from our sofa. Everything we can do sitting on sofa. Because today’s technology is developed in a way that everything made easy for us.

Technology can controlled by remote, which is made us easy. And we don’t need to move anywhere. We can watch movies on television as our wish and using our smart phone we can hear any types of music in a few seconds. Also we can see the different type of sports of different countries without leaving sofa at our home. This is good but is making us lazy day by day.

2. Food delivery technology

Food delivery technology is made in a way that we don’t need to move outside. You can order food to your home from different restaurants. You don’t need to go outside for restaurant foods. This technology is good but it making us lazy day by day. Because we don’t go outside.

You can order various type of food from different restaurants. You can pick restaurant menus online, then leave special instructions for your food and delivery. There’s no reason to leave your home when you can have food from every type of restaurants delivered right to your doorstep.

3. Checking in with loved ones without really checking in

I’m not sure what your parents are like, but I like to check on me constantly. Thankfully, I don’t have much to hide, and technology has made it easy for me to keep both friends and family updated where I live all the time.

Google Latitude, for example, is probably the most aggressive but helpful GPS tracker I’ve seen on a smartphone because it ejects a continuous broadcast where you’re on a map that allows you to see it. Other services such as Foursquare or Facebook Places let you check out your favorite restaurants or places and leave both tips, advice and reviews at the places you visit.

Now your friends will never have to check up on you, find out where you are, or even what kind of food you like. Why bother, after all, when they can browse through your check in history and stop your suggestions on Yelp?

4. Online shopping

Is there a sale going on at your favorite store that you don’t have time to get? No worries – the Internet is here for you. Online sites like or have eliminated the need for you to experience the beauty of sunshine. Now, the comfortable glow of your backlit monitor is all the artificial light you’ll need!

You can easily buy shoes, books, makeup, groceries, and even underwear or special gifts such as personalized jewelry from the convenience of your own home (a couple of our favorite shopping startups Gilt Group, one of a kind, Styltrack And AHALife). When you have made a purchase, why not visit the home shopping network or book a discounted holiday on JetSet? There is no need for telephone calls or in-store visits – the technology has you covered.

Online shopping technology made us lazy.

5. Quality time with friends

With so many friends to keep an eye on, who really has time to hangout in real life now? Social media has made communicating with other people so easy that you no longer really need to talk to anyone. Why bother picking up your phone and checking in with a friend when you can send them a quick wall post on Facebook to let them know they are taking care of you? Shortcuts to communicate through networking services such as Facebook and Twitter have fulfilled our traditional social obligations.

Social media has made life so easy, in fact, that some of us only remember our friends’ birthdays from Facebook! Social music services like Last.FM and Spotify allow us to browse what music our friends are listening to, without ever asking themselves. We can also find out what our friends are doing, who they are talking to, and what events they have planned by browsing their user profiles and following their feeds.

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